Top 15 things to do in Germany



The capital of Franconia is a city that has survived groundbreaking world occasions, from the season of the Holy Roman Empire to the twentieth century. The Altstadt (Old Town) is as yet circled by dividers, and is viewed by the Kasierburg manor from a projection on the north side.

Nuremberg was an informal capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and the stronghold was paid host to official functions for a long time. Nuremberg is additionally a name related with the Nazis, for the Nuremberg Rallies, supremacist Laws and Trials after the war. At the Nazi congress lobby on the rally grounds is a capable historical center about Nazi administration, and Courtroom 600 at the Palace of Justice is the place figures like Hermann Göring were attempted.

Here they are:

1. Nürnberger Bratwurst



Nürnberger Bratwurst

2. Nürnberger Felsengänge


Nürnberger Felsengänge3. Stadtmuseum Fembohaus


Stadtmuseum Fembohaus

4. Nuremberg Zoo



5. Nuremberg Toy Museum

Nuremberg Toy Museum

6. City Walls

City Walls

7. Schöner Brunnen


Schöner Brunnen

8. Albrecht Dürer’s House


9. German National Railways Museum

10. St. Lorenz Church


11. St. Sebaldus Church


12. Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Eingang zum Germanischen Nationalmuseum und Straße der Menschen

13. Nuremberg Trials Memorial


14. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds


15. Kaiserburg


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