Top 10 places to live in New Mexico



New Mexico is a standout amongst the most geologically differing of the fifty American states. It appears this southerly state truly has everything; humming metropolitan urban areas, interesting provincial towns, the Chihuahuan Desert, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains… the rundown just continues forever.

Did you realize that New Mexico has an official state tree? The Pinyon Pine manifests wherever you go, a genuine image of the state. The pinyon nut is a top notch and nutritious bite; sprinkle on your serving of mixed greens for more surface.

Why are we discussing servings of mixed greens?! Back to business, New Mexico is a very alluring state to dwell in. With an assorted and dedicated populace of 2-million individuals, there is a solid Latino people group here.

At whatever point it comes to picking a place to live there are a couple of variables that we should all consider, regardless of whether you’ve understood it or not, you’re worried about wrongdoing measurements, standard of state funded schools and middle house costs. Isn’t that so?

Discovering this data in a single nibble estimated piece is truly hard, fear not, we’ve done the hard join for you!

Here are our 10 best places to live in New Mexico;

1.  Los Ranchos de Albuquerque


3. Paradise Hills

4. Rio Rancho

5. Mesilla

6. Corrales

7. Eldorado at Santa Fe

8. Sandia Heights

9. White Rock

10. Los Alamos

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