Top 10 Best Beaches in Cuba



The biggest of all Caribbean islands, Cuba is a supernatural nation found south of Key West, Florida. The charmed nation is a piece of all can records and how might it not! The pioneer urban areas of Cuba haven’t changed much with time, yet they feel as superb as ever with decrepit veneers covering a periodic gold clean.

Making a trip to Cuba can regularly feel like you are caught in a period twist with bombastic engineering and cobbled boulevards that tell stories of the circumstances when privateers stalked the Caribbean.

‘Guagas’ or Cuban transports are a well known choice of voyaging inland starting with one point then onto the next, while you can likewise procure a taxi or lease an auto to go in style and solace.

In the event that you are an explorer on a financial plan or a voyager who is in urgent requirement for fervor, bumming a ride isn’t just the most practical approach to go around the island nation, it might likewise be the most interesting one.

Entertainingly, the nation has two monetary forms – the National Peso (26 pesos for each dollar) and the Convertible Peso (1 to 1 for every dollar).

At the point when in Cuba, set aside opportunity to spend the night at the Malécon, enjoy some wickedly delightful road nourishment, notch to the tunes of live Cuban jazz music and goodness! while you are grinding away, bear in mind to pay your respect to Ernest Hemingway by going by his home (now a historical center) at Finca Vigía.

Give us now a chance to investigate a portion of the best shorelines of Cuba – the real gems of the nation other than its immortal excellence.


1. Playa Guardalavaca

2. Playa Ancon

3. Cayo Largo

4. Cayo Sabinal

5. Cayo Santa Maria

6. Cayo Las Brujas

7. Playa Pilar

8. Playa Los Flamencos

9. Varadero Beach

10. Playa Paraiso


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