Kashmir Tour Packages – Enjoy A Vacation In The Lap Of Nature


kashmir tour packages

Taking a Kashmir tour is something like a lifetime experience for most travelers in the world. It is an ideal retreat that is enhanced by the absolute beauty of the snow adorning Himalayas. The magnificent beauty of nature and ever blooming orchards complete the dream of every honeymooner! Besides honeymoon couples, adventure freaks, vacationer and peace seekers can satisfy their cravings for a memorable trip by booking Kashmir tour packages.

The city is a home to many colorful and vibrant gardens, wonderful beauty, mouthwatering cuisines and many enticing lakes. These nature attractions could be the major reasons why more and more people around the world are booking a Kashmir trip once in their lifetime. Kashmir tourism department and individual owners provide well maintained houseboats that moor along the lakes and spell a luxurious stay in the lap of nature!

The city is a home to many alluring and magnificent lakes for which you should take a visit to this spellbinding location. Some of the major attractions of Kashmir tour packages include the following:

Dal Lake

Dal Lake kashmir

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This is one of the most alluring lakes in India, appealing people from all over the world with its unique charm and magnificent beauty. You will have a feel of paradise when you are beside the lake! It is fenced with stellar mountains and a plethora of orchards and gardens that grow along the Shore of Dal Lake. Kashmir tourism offers tourists a chance to spend some days in the luxury houseboats in Dal Lake. You will be fascinated with the experience. This could be a major reason to book Kashmir tour packages and spend some days enjoying absolute peace and serenity.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake kashmir

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The place is known for captivating beauty that may leave you speechless. It is the largest fresh water lake of Asia and also changes color in every few miles, fascinating tourists. Bird lovers get a wonderful chance to listen to the bird songs, which can be heard if you take a ride in the Shikara along the lake. The extremely impressive lake can be seen to the utmost your eye sight will permit and you can make your trip to the city into a precious memory by getting a view of the row of villages and vibrant colors scattered across the lake.

Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake kashmir

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This captivating lake appeals tourists and make the trip a really charming one. It is attached by the Dal Lake with a small water channel. The water is pleasantly cool in the summer and one major attraction is that you can have unique shopping experience in the mid of the lake! There are many moving shopping boats selling a wide range of items including eateries, handicrafts, Pashmina shawls and others.

Hence, take a trip to one of the most bewitching locations of India to indulge in natural beauty and serenity. Locate the most reliable and affordable tour operator to make the trip affordable to your pocket. Look at online sources to reserve your trip at one of the reputed travel agency online.

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