Five Best Spots to Never miss in your Australia Tour Packages


Australia Tour Packages

The Emerald city, also known as Australia is worth a holiday visit. This place is filled with beaches, historic architecture and many more. It is necessary to sketch your travel plan while traveling here to make the most use of your time as there are lots of places to cover. Getting help from Australia tour packages will make things work out easy.

The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

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Just like many of know this is one among the wonders of the world with over 3,000 coral-reefs, 1,625 fish species and 600 islands, the reefs has about 1.6 million visitors enchanted annually. The northern side of the reefs is from Cape-York Peninsula to the Cairns. Not only do Cairns lets closest reef accessibility from mainland, but also has few attractions, like the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas and the Kuranda Scenic Railway.



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A trip to Australia is not complete without visit to Sydney. It is a place with thriving metropolis and beach side town. Whether it the show at Opera House you eager to watch, or to go with the waves of Bondi Beach or to explore some trendy areas such as The Rocks and Darling – Harbour, Sydney is the place for all these.

Bora Bora

bora bora island australia

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The overflowing beauty at the Bora Bora island is a never miss seen. In the midst of aquamarine lagoon there are Volcanoes Mountains and jungle spread. Some considers this as the ‘most beautiful island in the world’. This blissful island is filled with sunny skies, luxurious resorts, friendly locals and warm waters.


fiji island

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With turquoise waters, luxurious resorts and glittering sands, Fiji is like other type of tropical getaways. Similarly, the flow of 333 islands is catering lovebirds of all types, yes all types of lovebirds are found here. Here stick with the beaches, try to avoid cities as much as you can. You can find everything in these beaches.


queenstown bungy jumping

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To fill yourself with adventures, visit Queenstown. Everything from Bungy jumping to whitewater rafting is seen here. Have a great trekking experience and then butterflies in your stomach by sky diving and feel like a snowball that is rolling down from the blue sky.

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