Discover Singapore In A New Way With Singapore Tour Packages


Singapore Tour Packages

Most Indian tourists do not hesitate to call Singapore the “Little India” for most obvious reasons, the shopping spots and its cultural diversity. It does not matter how many times you have visited this place, there will also be something new to explore or buy from here. Here are best four things, which you must add to your Singapore Tour Package.

1. Indulge in some Electronic buying!
Electronics are undoubtedly the first thing someone would suggest you to buy from Singapore. Whether it is TVs, Laptops, gaming gadgets or Bluetooth speakers, this is undoubtedly the best place to buy. The ideal places to shop electronics are Peninsula Plaza, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Sim Lim Square and so on.

2. Bag some Chinese Herbal Medicines
Chinese Herbal Medicines are widely available in Singapore and are truly in great demand among the visitors. These medicines have amazing healing properties and are made from special Chinese solutions. So, do not miss adding some of the best herbal medicines to your bag!

3. Take Home Trendy Handbags and Luggage
Singapore is also quite popular for designer and trendy handbags and luggage. From hand-stitched to big labels, everything is available in this stunning city. Moreover, it is obvious that when you buy these handbags, you would need an extra piece of luggage for carrying all those newly bought handbags. You can buy all this at various spots in Singapore.

4. Droll over stunning Jewelry and watches
How could a woman go to Singapore and not droll over captivating watches and jewelry? Every shopping spot in Singapore is loaded with all sorts of masterfully made watches. In addition, from inexpensive to worth-a-million-dollar jewelry, Singapore is something for everyone.

A Singapore tour is incomplete without doing these 4 things. In a place which has so much to offer, it would not be fair to go back home without purchasing these items for yourself and your loved ones. However, before you leave Singapore, do not forget to visit Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, for an unforgettable view of the Singapore skyline!

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