America Tour Packages – A Coast To Coast Rail Trip


America Tour Packages

Do you want to go for a road trip across America but don’t know how to optimize the journey? Well, you must contact a reliable tour operator for America tour packages and choose a coast to coast rail tour, which is an amazing way to catch the country’s major landmarks and highlights. You can visit major areas like New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago if you choose a suitable America rail holiday package.

New York

You can start your journey from New York by exploring the Big Apple before you start the rail tour. Here you will visit the state’s major attractions, such as Broadway, Times Square and Central Park. The place is also a home to many museums and art galleries that you might enjoy exploring. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.


You can move to Washington – the home of White House and Capitol Hill. The place houses the world’s largest museum complex, Smithsonian where you will see a huge collection of science, art and historical monuments.


Board on your train and move to Denver where you will discover a mile-long mall lined with cafes and shops to visit. You should visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park and Thompson Canon and also take some fantastic mountain views.


Here starts your second half of journey! Colorado welcomes you with great tasty wines made in the region. You can visit the San Juan Mountains and the National Forest at Colorado.

San Francisco

Take a boat ride to visit the notorious Alcatraz Island, where the prison locates which housed Al Capone and other criminals like Birdman of Alcatraz.


Board a train and move to California’s Central Valley to see some awesome coastal mountain ranges and take some snaps of Yosemite National Park, which is home to the natural wonders of Bridal Veil Falls and El Capitan Mountain.

Las Vegas

You will be braced with some excitement when you arrive at Las Vegas. The location is home to many world famous casinos where you can go for trying your luck and also enjoy the performance of street performers and some live shows.

Here, you will move to the Hoover Dam and then the Grand Canyon through the special railway. The trip will get you some amazing views of the natural wonders. Next stop is Hollywood, where you will keep your camera ready to capture some celebrities. After this, you can take the homeward stretch and you will back through the Diablo and Santa Lucia mountain ranges. Thus, there are many things to see and explore in this vast and wide country. Ensure you don’t miss a small thing by taking the right America tour packages.

Pick up the most established and reliable tour operator to help you in choosing the right package based on your requirements and budget. Online is the best medium to find out reliable travel agencies and choose the most affordable packages.

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