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About us

I began traveling solo right from the age of seventeen. Back then, I had to take care of my traveling expenses and even depend a little bit on my savings from my babysitting days. But then, those little solo trips alone helped me to know myself better and to enjoy my own company. With age, I began writing journals, started sticking in stickers, and stamps of the places I visited and even started using a decent camera to capture wondrous moments on my voyages.

How I began backpacking?

I spent some mundane time on desk jobs and trying to pretend that I was happy at my hometown. But that was when my travel bug bit me really hard and I just picked my backpack and started off. I researched about few places and few other places I came across accidentally. That is the joy of traveling. I love communicating with people verbally or non-verbally and it has been very successful so far.

I have now traveled across five continents and met interesting people from hundreds of various tribes and races too. Took bath in the gushing waterfalls in Africa, explored cavernous caves in the islands near Mediterranean, and spent a night in one of the log cabins on freezing terrains of Russia.

What I do besides traveling?

I have written many of the memorable anecdotes that I have experienced in my life during my trips and expeditions here. I have written for various websites, travel magazines, and publications and I have been giving backpacking, camping, and exploring tips and travel ideas. My journey continues and I hope to continue with my writings also.

Drop in a line here to know about any off beat places that you wish to travel with your family or friends or perhaps solo like me.