6 Things You Need To Do While On The Island Of Krabi


The Island Of Krabi

Krabi is situated on the western part of the southern Andaman coast of Thailand. Krabi as a whole is considered an entire province when talked about in day to day lives. The province includes the likes of Krabi town, Koh Lanta, Railay Beach Peninsula, Ao Nang Resort area, and Phi Phi Islands. Although there are numerous things to do in Krabi, we have shortlisted specifically 7 things you must do while travelling on Krabi tour packages.

  1. Krabi Hot Spring
Krabi Hot Spring

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This is a must place to visit with natural hot spring to relish. With too many hollowed natural bath tubs, present inside these springs, you can experience thermal hot springs, with a gentle massage on your back and entire body.

  1. Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool

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As the name suggest and also known as “Sra Morakot” or “Crystal Pool”, this is a beautiful natural pool located right in the middle of a forest, with clear spring water to offer. You can see pale green water during evening, while greenish blue color in the day time. Have a cool swim and get refreshed with pool’s turquoise colored water.

  1. Elephant Trekking
Elephant Trekking

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This is another one hell of an experience not to be missed. Ride on an elephant and move across little streams, muddy trails, rubber plantations, and more for a one hour exhilarating journey. With a specially made sedan on the top, you can sit at your own comfort, experience, as well as sway to the rhythm of elephant footsteps.

  1. Krabi Crystal stream
Krabi Crystal stream

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This is a place where in freshwater mix with seawater during the period of high tide. Being so clear from within, you can actually see the stream bottom, motivating you even more for a cool stimulating swim.

  1. Tiger Cave Temple
Tiger Cave Temple

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Popularly known as Wat Tham Sua temple and residing on a 600 m peak, you will be amazed to see this limestone marvel as high as 800 m. Climbing through steep 1237 steps, you will witness magnificent  Buddhist statues standing tall.

  1. Krabi Sea Kayaking
Krabi Sea Kayaking

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Kayaking is a perfect activity to do on Krabi sea coastline, consisting of fascinating caves, and small coves. Explore mysterious limestone caves, and interior lagoons, accessed only through low tide sea kayaking. Experience open sea kayaking giving you a magnificent glimpse of sea caves and Krabi canyons.

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